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We offer specialized research and business consulting solutions in the fast-paced technology arena, from telecommunications to IT solutions and services that are the backbone of the global digital economy.

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Our suite of customized consulting services ensures that your unique project requirements are met. Let’s embark on this journey to redefine success.

Y&S understands the digital economy, across Asia and beyond. We can create customized solutions and services for your digital business, such as market entry support, and formulation of sales and marketing strategies. 

We have experience in research and consulting around:

  • E-commerce, 
  • Fintech remittance and disbursement, 
  • Digital wallets and payments, e-coupons, and
  • OTT television services. 

We deliver projects for our digital clients in areas such as market, macro, and customer profile analysis; assessing competitors’ products, services and movements; and formulating value propositions and business strategies to match with prospective customer segments.

Y&S has a dedicated Telecommunications Industry Specialist group offering customized solutions, research and recommendations to support your telco’s next move.

We cover the full spectrum of consumer mobile and broadband services; corporate telecommunications services (GSM, CDMA, VOIP); managed and corporate services such as IP VPN; cloud computing and data centers.

Our teams have consulted to major Asian telcos in many areas. To name a few, we have studied phone servicing and mobile money payments in Malaysia, and digital content, e-payments, managed services and data centers in Indonesia. We have also assessed customer decision dynamics in wireless mobile printing in Singapore, and assisted clients with business partner selection in the digital music market in Indonesia.

From hardware manufacturers to software and services providers, many of the world’s top IT firms rely on Y&S research and consulting. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not just proficient in IT consumer research, but back up our recommendations by interviewing industry professionals and experts.

Our clients are businesses and manufacturers operating in many categories, from notebooks, desktop computers, mobile and wearable technology to enterprise-scale servers, storage and applications.

We have studied the retail market for external storage devices in China, Korea, Taiwan, India and Australia; digital CCTV/DVR and access control hardware and software in ASEAN; and market sizing for ink and laser printers in nine Asian nations. Other clients have chosen us to look at market entry potential for small business accounting software, and to study their competitors in areas such as service and products.

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