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As demographics and economies evolve, professionals around the world must upskill in tandem, putting pressure on education providers to keep pace and offer curricula and services that cater to new skills. 

Y&S offers a range of tailor-made consulting services to help public education boards and private providers enter and grow new markets, and enhance their offerings. 

Our work covers higher education, from university and post-graduate programs to R&D centers and partnerships with academia, as well as vocational training. A number of our senior management team are also involved in academia, as authors, speakers and visiting lecturers.

Some of our work in education includes:

  • Environment research on the Australian education market in Singapore, 
  • Customer decision dynamics for post-graduate executive education in Indonesia, 
  • Export promotion strategy consulting for the education sector in Singapore and Malaysia, and 
  • Evaluation of R&D partnerships between industry and academia in Malaysia and Thailand.

With uneven global birth rates, burgeoning ageing populations, and in the aftermath of the global Covid-19 pandemic, business opportunities for healthcare service providers have grown exponentially. We are consultants for healthcare institutions, as well as manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, supplements, and medical devices.

In the life sciences space, we address product categories from nuclear medicine, diagnostics and drug testing to biotechnology, bio-pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy and robotics.

The Y&S consulting team features a biomedical sector industry specialist, and we are linked to expert networks of healthcare industry specialists, physicians and pharmacists across Asia-Pacific.

Some projects that we have supported in this sector include:

  • Multi-country oncology clinician interviews and market receptiveness analysis,
  • Psychiatrist interviews in five countries for a drug manufacturer dealing in drugs for treating depression and bipolar disorder,
  • A product concept test for asthma medication, and
  • A pharmaceutical retail audit, pricing and channel research project in 10 cities in Indonesia.

As new cities rise and expand worldwide, they create demand for more buildings, infrastructure and resources such as wood and water. These trends shape the engineering services sector.

From petrochemicals and oil refinery technology to heavy machinery manufacturing, production, packaging and systems for building, agri-business, marine and water treatment, our expertise covers a wide range of business scenarios.

Our senior management includes a Master’s degree holder in Industrial Engineering, and we have extensive connections with turnkey system integrators, major sub-contractors and suppliers supporting verticals such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and lumber to refer to.

Some of our projects have included analysing customer demand for water ballast equipment, market opportunities for technology suppliers to oil and petroleum plants in Indonesia and Thailand, and research into forestry products in China and Vietnam.

Financial service providers need to compete in segments and niches that afford real growth. Opportunities still abound in under-banked emerging markets, as well as in immature segments in more industrialized countries. Y&S’ Asia-wide financial services experience delivers research and actionable consulting solutions that address these needs.

Across the global Y&S organization, we have industry specialists in financial services. Through the years, we have built a client portfolio of Fortune 500 financial service providers such as VISA, GE Money, Standard Chartered Bank, Mizuho Bank, BCA Bank and Bank Mandiri. Our local experts in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and in the Middle East also have deep knowledge of the Islamic banking system.

Our work in the diverse finance services space has addressed products and services ranging from credit cards and unsecured consumer credit to insurance, electronic and mobile banking, small enterprise banking, non-performing loans and debt securities.

We have copious experience across all retail categories, and not just FMCG, with a track record of retail audit and mystery shopping at more than 2,000 outlets from different brands in the region. We also have the ability to combine merchandising retail audits with street price tracking.

Our services include retail audits and mystery shopping to track sales, inventory and promotional activities; monthly and quarterly price tracking; retail partner recruitment and POS readiness, customer experience studies and more.

Some projects we have supported in this sector include:

  • Mystery shopping for coffee chain outlets to evaluate service and product quality and consistency,
  • Price tracking studies for printer hardware across 13 countries in Asia Pacific, and
  • Recruitment of retail partners from amongst office appliance retailers in China

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