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From manufacturing and oil & gas companies, to the chemicals, electronics and materials industry, we offer multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary consulting solutions that can help your business.

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As new cities rise and expand worldwide, they create demand for more goods, products and infrastructure. These trends shape the manufacturing sector.

From petrochemicals and oil refinery technology to heavy machinery manufacturing, production, packaging and systems for building, agri-business, marine and water treatment, our expertise covers a wide range of business scenarios.

Our senior management includes a Master’s degree holder in Industrial Engineering, and we have extensive connections with turnkey system integrators, major sub-contractors and suppliers supporting verticals such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and lumber to refer to.

Some of our projects have included analyzing customer demand for water ballast equipment, market opportunities for technology suppliers to oil and petroleum plants in Indonesia and Thailand, and research into forestry products in China and Vietnam.

Y&S has worked with clients in the construction and materials sector to support go-to-market plans in building materials, electrical distribution systems, surveillance and access control solutions, building transport solutions and construction services.

We understand the space because we are not just consultants, but practitioners, too. Our senior management team includes qualified architects and engineers, and we have built a strong network with architects, contractors and other industry professionals.

Some of our projects include:

  • Supply chain analysis and competitor benchmarking of cement and concrete manufacturers in Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam,
  • Holistic market environment research on the quartz stone industry in Southeast Asia, and
  • Market sizing for architectural solar film, construction gaskets, and surge protection devices.

As emerging markets across the globe develop in tandem with industry, the electrical and electronics sector is growing in importance, supplying power to drive change. We have a solid track record in working with companies in the space, as well as a wide network of electrical engineers, contractors and designers we can turn to for interviews and data.

Our clients include manufacturers and suppliers of diesel and gas generators, inverters and servos, as well as lighting, surge protection and automatic doors.

Our broad network of offices have helped us clinch projects to conduct multi-country research and make recommendations on environment, market size and entry for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and air-conditioning markets in China, and generators in Indonesia and Australia. We have also designed a business study on surge protection devices in eight Asia-Pacific nations.


Y&S works with global majors such as Castrol and Shell, and national oil companies Pertamina (Indonesia) and Petronas (Malaysia). We understand the renewable fuel and energy efficiency landscape in Asia.

Categories we cover include retail petrol, gasoline and diesel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) products, bio-fuels (including bio-mass), solar power and wind power solutions.

Our portfolio in the sector is varied. Examples include conducting acceptance studies for LPG in Indonesia; assessing the motorcycle lubricant oil market in six Asian countries; and advising on plantation investment in east Malaysia. We have also researched Malaysian stakeholders’ receptivity to energy efficiency standards, as well as the Asian market for fleet cards.

The chemicals and materials space is highly technical. Y&S has addressed subjects ranging from sales and marketing problems to competitor benchmarking and threat response. 

We confidently support businesses in this sector, as we have chemical engineering graduates on the Y&S team. Our portfolio covers a broad spectrum of businesses dealing in chemical and material products from resins, paints, and additives to metals, gases, cement, and plastics.

We have supported businesses seeking data on the outdoor media/signage market in ASEAN and maintained an electrical plastics customer database for Korean clients. Many construction businesses in the sector turn to us for market entry studies and forecasts, and we support market research for products such as melamine, window film, and silicone sealants.

The current economic climate challenges automotive assemblers and parts manufacturers to be cost-efficient and focus more on non-traditional segments, products and markets. Y&S leverages our Asia-wide automotive experience to deliver research and consulting that addresses these needs.

Our clients include Global Fortune 500 automotive companies – marques such as Toyota, Ford, Audi, Yamaha Motor and Honda. Many of these are repeat customers.

Some highlights of our work in this space include:

  • Mystery shopping to assess performance of sales representatives of passenger cars, 
  • Research on consumer preference and behaviour in car purchases, and  
  • Market sizing for specialty commercial vehicles, competitor analysis and business partner selection for manufacturing Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).

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