Our Purpose

Crafting bespoke solutions that unlock growth opportunities

At YAMADA Consulting & Spire, we specialise in crafting bespoke solutions for a seamless journey that unlocks growth opportunities.

With a comprehensive suite of services, including market research, growth advisory and M&A advisory, we cater to diverse regional projects spanning various industries.

Our commitment to customization ensures that your unique needs are met, and we go the extra mile to deliver an exceptional seamless experience.

Your success is our mission.

Our Values


The capabilities to personalise solutions

We know that your needs are always changing. By ensuring that we are equipped with a wide range of end-to-end services, we are able to tailor our services to fit the needs of every project.


The commitment to deliver seamlessly

We prioritise creating a seamless experience for you. That’s why we go out of our way to guide our clients and constantly find better ways to make it smooth and easy for you.


The expertise to unlock growth

We believe that your success is our success. By dedicating ourselves to leverage our resources and solve problems, we endeavour to unlock opportunities for the impactful growth of your business.

Chief Executive Officer’s Message

“To remain as the trusted professional partners and the first choice of support for clients...we are committed to continuing our growth both individually and as an organization.”

Ryosuke Funayama
Chief Executive Officer, YAMADA Consulting & Spire
Executive Officer, Head of Business Development, 

YAMADA Consulting Group Co. Ltd

Chief Operating Officers’ Messages

“At heart, Y&S retains its DNA from both parent companies to remain a service-focused and nimble organization, with a youthful, boutique and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Japnit Singh
Chief Operating Officer, YAMADA Consulting & Spire

“When we recommend actions and programs for your organization to execute, you can trust that we have put ourselves in your shoes and have your best interests at heart.”

Jeffrey Bahar
Chief Operating Officer, YAMADA Consulting & Spire

Y&S Philosophy

Honesty and Integrity

We work every day with honesty and integrity.

Every staff member acts with a high level of integrity and honesty. Our decisions are rooted in ethical principles, reflecting not only our personal values but also the core values of our company. We understand that who we are and how we conduct ourselves is a direct reflection of our organization.

Social Contribution

We work every day to create a positive impact on society.

Our daily work extends beyond business objectives; it is a commitment to creating a positive impact on society. We strive to be a force for good, influencing change that benefits not only our clients and employees but the broader community.

Individual and Organizational Growth

We work every day to bring out the best in our people and our organization.

Every Y&S team member is a talented, highly-trained professional. He or she has the full backing and support of our organization. By providing training, guidance and professional development programmes, we help each team member to achieve a balance between work and life. We encourage every consultant to dream big, set their goals and go for them.

Our Presence & Partners


We are the exclusive partner firm of Clairfield International in Japan and Singapore. Clairfield ranks as one of the top independent M&A advisors in the annual, worldwide, European, US, Latin American, and Asian Pacific league tables by Refinitiv.

Headquartered in Europe with locations in every major region worldwide, Clairfield offers our clients access to local corporate businesses and investors combined with a deep understanding of local regulations and cultures as well as key decision makers.

Clairfield International is a partnership of leading corporate finance firms around the world, providing advisory services on middle-market transactions for large companies, private investors and private equity, public sector clients, and family businesses. We act as one firm, providing a seamless advisory offering to our clients globally, particularly in crossborder M&A transactions.