Agrotourism: Indonesia’s next frontier

YAMADA Consulting & Spire Consultant, Bertha Lovita Dwi Intania Permana, discusses the opportunities and challenges of the development of Agrotourism in Indonesia with media portal, TechnoBusiness.

Agrotourism seamlessly blends agricultural activities with tourism, offering visitors unique experiences while bolstering the local economy. Indonesia has immense potential for the growth of Agrotourism. One example is Bali’s Subak irrigation system, which was named The World Cultural Heritage in 2012 by UNESCO for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

With around 27.8 million farmers and over 33.2% of the nation’s total land dedicated to agriculture, this sector remains a significant sector for employment. Agrotourism can harness these resources to drive economic growth for farmers, support national food security, reduce dependence on imported agricultural products, and promote sustainability, cultural conservation, and economic empowerment. 

However, the development of agrotourism in Indonesia faces challenges such as seasonal and climatic dependency significant investment needs, location feasibility, and a lack of skilled human resources . Effective management of planting schedules, community-based practices, and government support can further unlock the sector’s potential

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