Homely and Premium: The Future of Elderly Care

In a column for Woman’s Economy Newspaper, Dr. Justin Hanse Lee, Y&S Managing Director of Korea, shares his insights on unit care systems and premium nursing homes for the elderly who prefer a homely atmosphere. 

In recent years, home-like nursing homes have garnered national attention in Korea. Who wouldn’t appreciate a homely atmosphere where everyone knows each other, and caregivers attend to a small group, understanding their preferences and health status while emphasizing personal privacy? These types of home-like nursing homes are called “Unit Care Systems”. This model provides single units for small groups of about nine people, allowing them to live in a home-like environment within nursing homes or elderly care co-living homes. 

Dr. Justin Lee highlights that these innovative living arrangements are gaining popularity in aged care, with many people eager to secure a spot. However, these communal living homes, which accommodate up to nine elderly individuals, do not have the same manpower and facilities as traditional nursing homes. They require only one licensed social worker (medical professional), a physical therapist (nurse or nursing assistant), and a minimum number of facilities. In contrast, nursing homes offer a variety of amenities and programs. Nonetheless, the unit care system groups people with similar characteristics and diseases to provide tailored services. The Seoul Nursing Home, operated by the National Health Insurance Corporation, was the first to introduce the Unit Care system. 

Korea’s aging population may also consider premium nursing homes, which, like over 5,000 nursing homes in the nation, receive 80% of their salary costs from the government. Naturally, their monthly costs are higher due to the premium services and facilities they offer. Similar to some nursing homes adopting the unit care system, a few are exploring ways to increase their income without violating government policies. This can be achieved by, for instance, having more premium senior rooms, letting them charge more for the higher quality of service provided. 

Find out more about Dr. Lee’s research on unit care systems and premium nursing homes for a clearer understanding of elderly care facilities. 

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