Popular Indonesian brand, Lemonilo seeks fundraising boost

In an article by DealStreetAsia, Y&S COO Jeffrey Bahar highlights how Indonesian healthy snack maker Lemonilo has secured a niche by focusing on health-conscious Millennials and Gen Zs. 

Lemonilo, a popular Indonesian brand known for its healthy snacks, especially its noodles made from cassava flour and spinach puree, is preparing for a new round of fundraising, three years after its last valuation at US$580 million in 2021. This fresh fundraising may signal the exit of existing investors as the startup explores new growth avenues. 

Founded by three cofounders, Lemonilo has launched over 40 health products, ranging from instant noodles to essential oils, with its flagship store prominently featuring instant noodles. While the healthy instant noodle segment remains niche, instant noodles are a staple in Indonesia, consumed by over 92% of the population with 14 billion portions consumed as of May 2023. 

Y&S COO Jeffrey Bahar believes Lemonilo has successfully carved out a strong niche among health-conscious Millennials and Gen Zs. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on further product development and research to sustain future growth. 

Click here to read the full article in DealStreetAsia. It requires user subscription. 

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