Choosing the Right Elderly Care Facility in Korea

Through his regular column in the Woman’s Economy Newspaper, Dr. Justin Hanse Lee, Managing Director of Y&S Korea, offers concise guidance in selecting the right elderly care facility in Korea.  

Dr. Lee zeroes in on the top 17% of Korea‘s 652 nursing homes, those receiving an A rating from the National Health Insurance Service’s “Nursing Care Benefit Adequacy Evaluation”. These exceptional facilities are selected based on their ability to meet individual needs, including patient health conditions, staffing, facility systems, and reputation, ensuring tailored care. He also delves into the differences between public and private nursing homes, particularly in terms of cost and quality of care.  

He goes on to break down nursing home ratings from A to E, advising families to make personal visits to prospective facilities, in order to truly gauge quality. He shares that while newer facilities might lack ratings, it doesn’t mean they lack quality. These homes cater to those with mild dementia and chronic conditions, offering social programs and adhering to caregiver ratios for the residents’ well-being. Dr. Lee goes on to underscore the significance of caregiver experience and tailored care through unit-based systems. For those seeking top-notch care, he suggests exploring private options and advises keeping an eye out for places with long waiting lists as a mark of reliability.  

He emphasizes distinguishing between various care facilities: silver towns for convenient living, nursing homes for those needing care due to physical disabilities, and nursing hospitals for long-term treatment, and shares essential selection checkpoints and legal classifications. Concluding his 4-part series, he hopes to assist those navigating elderly housing criteria in the country.   

For a detailed insight into the nursing homes, nursing hospitals and silver towns for the elderly in Korea, click here to read Dr Lee’s columns.  

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