British food aims at Asian palate

Japnit Singh, Chief Operating Officer of Y&S, sheds light on the significant potential for Western food markets to captivate and reshape Asian palates in an interview with the BBC.

The leading news publication recently made a visit to one of the region’s premier food and beverage trade shows in Singapore, FHA Food and Beverage Trade Show, which drew over 60,000 visitors this year. The article underscores how the UK lags its European counterparts in both sales and reputation and the hurdles British food encounters in promoting and selling its products in Asia.

Despite the challenges, Asia presents potential opportunities for British food exporters, with analysts estimating spending of US$8 trillion annually on food in Asia by the start of next decade.

Japnit Singh, COO of Y&S, observed a shift in Singaporean preferences, where the once-strong inclination towards local cuisine is evolving into a more adventurous palate. This transformation is fueled by rising incomes, increased travel, and the pervasive influence of social media, rendering Singaporeans increasingly receptive to Western gastronomy.

Find out more about the BBC article here

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