Sustainability and health consciousness driving focus on meat alternatives

YAMADA Consulting & Spire’s Head of Growth Strategy, Takafumi Kuramoto, recently appeared in a TV interview by Nikkei CNBC to talk about the growing spotlight on meat alternatives, what’s driving it, and where the business opportunities are.   

There has been a renewed focus on developing alternatives to meat, as part of the development of next-generation food products. Recent food shortages, loss and supply disruptions have accelerated sustainability initiatives across industries and countries, and the growing number of health-conscious consumers are among the factors driving this trend.   

Y&S Head of Growth Strategy, Takafumi Kuramoto, shared these insights in a televised interview with Nikkei CNBC’s World Watch segment of the Morning Express show on 19 April 2024. During the interview, he also talked about the market growth potential for meat alternatives, especially in larger economies such as Europe, the US, India and China, where veganism and vegetarianism as lifestyle choices are becoming popular.   

Takafumi also went into detail about the development and business challenges posed by the different types of meat alternatives – plant meat, currently the largest category; as well as microbial fermentation, and cultured meat. Plant meat, for example, is not popular with those in favor of carbon dioxide reduction, while cultured meat is expensive because of the cost of extracting and growing cells from animals.

He surveyed the current investment and business initiatives in the various meat alternative segments, and talked about the various business and R&D initiatives to increase manufacturing, sales, and marketing of meat alternatives in Japan, Asia-Pacific and beyond.   

The details that Takafumi shared in the interview can be found in the report Business Opportunities for Next Generation Foods and Success Patterns of Entrants:  

Information about the programme 

Channel: Nikkei CNBC 
Date and time: 19 April 2024; 10:15am~10:28am Live broadcast 
Appearance corner: Guest talk 
The Morning Express 
Theme: World Watch “Meat Alternative Market Outlook”


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