Y&S COO on the Crucial Role of AI Utilization at Summit

YAMADA Consulting & Spire’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Bahar, delivered a keynote on harnessing AI for marketing and sales at the recent GATES Consumer Tech Channel Summit 2024 held in Bangkok, Thailand.

YAMADA Consulting & Spire (Y&S) was an event partner at the recent GATES Consumer Tech Channel Summit, Emerging Asia event in Bangkok, Thailand, from 5 to 7 March 2024. Jeffrey Bahar, the Chief Operating Officer of Y&S, took center stage to deliver a compelling keynote presentation on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for marketing and sales. Jeffrey delved into AI’s versatile applications, its driving forces for adoption, and the latest market dynamics, stressing the imperative for CMOs and CFOs to grasp its potential impact fully. He encouraged attendees to stay abreast of AI advancements and maintain their proficiency in navigating its evolving landscape.

This noteworthy gathering in Bangkok, Thailand, attracted over 350 esteemed senior channel executives representing more than 20 cities. Y&S maintains a longstanding partnership with GATES, frequently contributing as event collaborators. Our COOs, Country Heads, and Analysts consistently deliver insightful keynote addresses, providing invaluable market perspectives and trends to vendors and partners in attendance.

Here’s a link to the event.

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