Market Research: Key to Navigating Economic Uncertainties for Growth

Japnit Singh, Chief Operating Officer of YAMADA Consulting & Spire, explains to Marketing Interactive, a respected regional industry media, the pivotal role Market Research plays in guiding companies through economic uncertainties towards sustainable growth. Despite challenges like declining inflation and geopolitical tensions affecting supply chains, businesses strive to enhance revenue and profitability, often resorting to fundamental strategies like organic growth or Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). 

Recognizing the need for a growth pivot—a strategic move lifting their growth from an acquisition, new partnership, brand re-engineering, or launching new products—executives face both internal and external challenges, including evolving consumer preferences and regulatory shifts which they must anticipate. Market Research emerges as the missing piece of this growth pivot puzzle, as it is crucial for understanding market trends, customer behavior, and competitor activities. 

Thankfully, market research consultancies exist to assist with this challenge. They aid companies while supporting their creative ideation, reducing uncertainty, and supporting post-merger integration and expansion efforts by devising strategies that respond to future realities. Japnit highlights how Y&S, with its comprehensive expertise in Market Research and M&A consultancy, integrates holistic research into strategic planning, helping companies on their growth journeys. The new branding unveiled this year, which merges YAMADA Consulting Group Co. Ltd and Spire Research and Consulting, promises clients diversified, high-quality consulting services with an existing strong track record and expertise in multiple fields. 

In the article, Japnit shared some examples from Y&S’ portfolio of over 2,000 clients, such as assisting Japanese conglomerates execute acquisitions in Vietnam, prototyping business models for Indonesian tech firms, as well as advising global expansion for food manufacturers

The full article can be found at Marketing Interactive – Partner Insights. 

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