Navigating Indonesia’s Growing Toilet Industry Amidst Property Boom

Spire consultant, Nabila Arief uncovers the potential of the toilet sanitary market in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s surging property sector is fueling a surge in toilet sanitary product demand. The Director General of Public Works and Public Housing Infrastructure Financing attributes this to two pivotal factors. 

Firstly, Indonesia‘s housing backlog of 12.71 million is set to escalate, driven by an influx of 600,000 to 800,000 new households annually. This entails constructing over 1.5 million houses per year until 2045. Secondly, the state capital’s relocation from Jakarta to East Kalimantan is also poised to impact the property sector, with initial building requirements for 500,000 residents. 

With the surge in construction comes a demand for toilets and associated sanitary products for the new occupants. Abundant raw materials and streamlined production seen the rise of numerous toilet industry brands in the market. Spire Research and Consulting’s findings reveal as many as 18 squat toilet and 17 sitting toilet brands in Indonesia. 

Toto, Ina, and American Standard have reigned as the top players in this space between 2015 to 2023. Toto’s brand index exceeding 35% makes it the preferred choice for 67.8% of homeowners, attributed to quality offerings, model variety, price ranges, and widespread availability. 

Brands offering quality, budget-friendly imported toilet products captivate consumers wielding significant bargaining power. These discerning consumers evaluate products based on quality, price, durability, cleaning ease, and availability across brands.  

In the promising landscape of industry growth, brands such as Toto stands as a guiding light for new industry players, as they demonstrate how robust brand attachment can be created through assured product quality, an extensive range, competitive pricing, and widespread availability.  

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