Giving Monash University students a glimpse of real-world marketing

Spire Research and Consulting recently partnered with the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia, for the Marketing Challenge to provide its final year students with a valuable real-world experience. The Marketing Challenge was part of the Marketing Strategy and Implementation course at the school. The students gained practical insights into business marketing by analysing Spire’s marketing efforts, particularly on how to optimize its online presence.

The students (94 in number across 19 teams) worked to conduct in-depth analysis of Spire’s website and social media presence and compare these with their competitors’ digital strategies. They came-up with innovative and thought-provoking marketing ideas.

The four-month project culminated in final presentations in early-June 2023, with the students revealing their findings and recommendations to Spire’s executives. Their enthusiasm and dedication shone through their presentations, and they delivered valuable insights to Spire, creating a mutually beneficial learning experience for both the students and the company.

Spire Research and Consulting wishes the winning teams and students of the Marketing Challenge the very best in their future endeavours. You all were great!

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Manager, Group Marketing Communications
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