Empowering public policy change through market research

Spire Chief Operating Officer, Japnit Singh, explains to Marketing Interactive that market intelligence and strategic business consulting services are no longer just for private businesses. He goes on to explain that public organisations are trying to balance evolving social and economic variables, and market research firms like Spire can provide fresh approaches to policymaking.

Japnit cited two examples. First, Spire conducted a study on how insurance claim surveyors for motor vehicles are regulated in global markets. In Singapore, surveyors for motor vehicles are unregulated, and there has been an increase in the number of disputes over vehicle accident estimates. This trend hurts the motor vehicle repair industry because prolonged and escalated disputes are costly. The study found that regulation, accreditation, and dispute resolution frameworks can and do lower the number of legal disputes.

Second, the use of free trade agreements (FTAs) by businesses. Spire was commissioned by a business chamber to track how firms there utilise FTAs, and to gauge business owners’ awareness of the agreements. The study was part of a feedback exercise to improve the client’s activities in raising awareness of FTAs, to complement their existing outreach programmes.

As public organizations formulate policies, they must consider the views and needs of the people for whom the policies are intended. Market research firms such as Spire, with a solid track record straddling both the private and public sectors, can complement and enhance public planners’ efforts to improve citizens’ lives.

The full article can be found at Marketing Interactive – Partner Insights.

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